Corporate Social Responsibility Management Policy

Boxin hopes that while pursuing corporate growth, it will also do its best to give back to the society and become a good corporate citizen. Therefore, it takes the "Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Practice" as the criterion for its overall operating activities, and actively implements corporate social responsibility policies, including : Implement and promote corporate governance, develop a sustainable environment, maintain social welfare, and strengthen corporate social responsibility information disclosure, so as to balance the development of environmental, social and corporate governance, and take the rights and interests of stakeholders into management considerations.

Human Rights Policy

Boxin respects and supports the basic human rights in international conventions, including the principles and spirit of the "United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights", "United Nations Global Covenant", and "ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work", and does not employ child labor, prohibit forced labor, Oppose discrimination or differential treatment in employment, provide a safe and hygienic working environment, and abide by labor-related laws and regulations, respect employees' rights to organize, participate in trade unions and collective bargaining, conduct workplace gender equality for all new recruits, and prohibit workplace sexual harassment And the complaint system description, and indeed protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees. The company's staff appointment and dismissal, remuneration and other operations are in compliance with laws and regulations, formulate and announce various work rules and related management methods and procedures, establish a fair performance appraisal system, provide a variety of training channels, and fulfill the employer's responsibilities and obligations.

Sustainable Development and Environmental Management Measures

The company's environmental policies and reduction targets are described as follows:

A. Environmental Policy

1. Obey the obligations: follow the obligations and enhance the image.
2. strengthen communication: full participation, strengthen cognition.
3. Environmental protection: pollution prevention and impact control.
4. continuous improvement: improve performance, sustainable operation.

B. Energy saving and carbon reduction measures

Establishing an energy management system and effectively utilizing energy is one of the keys to the sustainable development of the company. Electricity use is the main source of the company's greenhouse gas emissions. Dividing electricity saving is the main means of carbon reduction, and at the same time improving energy conservation level and production efficiency, Reduce the use of non-renewable energy. The company's Kamioka main plant uses LED lamps in the whole plant, which saves about 44% of electricity consumption compared to traditional lamps. Electric scooter charging stations are set up in the factory area to provide 30 electric scooters for use, effectively reducing 1,406 metric tons of CO2 emissions. In addition, solar power generation is set up on the top floor of the factory for self-use, which can not only provide 30% of the power consumption in the factory, but also obtain a green power certificate.

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