Corporate Governance Structure


The board of directors is PROXENE's highest governing body. Directors are elected by shareholders meeting in accordance with “Regulations Governing Election of Directors.” The qualification requirements and election of independent directors are in accordance with “Regulations Governing Appointment of Independent Directors and Compliance Matters for Public Companies”. During the two years before being elected or during the term of office, an independent director may not have been or be an employee or related party of the company or any of its affiliates.

The Company’s “Corporate Governance Best-Practice Principles” formulates the policy of diversity. The structure of the board of directors is based on the company's business operations, operating dynamics, and development needs. When electing or nominating members of the board of directors, the Company shall take gender, age, education and work experiences into consideration. The composition of the board of directors is determined not only by directors’ professional knowledge, related experience and skills, but also taking diversity into consideration so as to empower the directors and make material contributions to operation.

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